Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Now I'm doing quicky Movie Reviews?!

Well, I'm not sure if this will continue or not, but thanks to the generosity of one Bartholomew Stankowitz (AKA Horselips McSorley) I have a new DVD player and I've been putting it to use.

FROST/NIXON: Excellent film. Frank Langella absolutely kills it as Nixon. I highly recommend this one!

THE SPIRIT: Well...I can't say that this wasn't a total mess, but as Bartholomew Stankowitz said, "It's JUST LIKE a comic book". The violence is over the top in a Tom & Jerry kind of way (which is funny) but the story is about as thought out as a Tom & Jerry cartoon too. Only recommended for DIE-HARD Frank Miller fans & green screen enthusiasts.

CORALINE: Now this is a beautiful looking film! Stop motion all the way based on the kid's book by the amazing Neil Gaiman. I was surprised by how faithful the film remained to the book in terms of creepiness. Go out and rent this!

WALZT WITH BASHIR: Another animated movie, this time dealing with the subject of Israeli soldiers' memories of the 1982 Lebanon War. A VERY powerful film with exquisite animation! Also features design/art by the amazing brothers Tomer and Asaf Honuka. I highly recommend this one too!


B.STANK said...

Bartholomew Stankowitz is a genius!

John A. Walsh said...

Yes he is.
Yes he is.....

He's also available for weddings, bar mitvahs & Irish wakes.